the perfect ice cream

I went to the grocery store to buy my husband some vanilla ice cream and while I was walking down the grocery aisle, I saw it... Homemade brand Cherry Cordial ice cream.
As a kid, my parents use to get this brand, and I'm assuming because it was cheaper than Edy's or Breyers. This was my absolute favorite ice cream. I have to describe the ice cream in order for you to understand. First, the ice cream itself is cherry flavored and a perfect pink color. Second, they use maraschino cherries and have chocolate shavings that melt in your mouth, not chocolate chips or chunks. So, when we could no longer find it in the grocery stores near us, I just about died.
Since then, I have tried a dozen other "cherry cordial" type ice creams. Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, Breyer's Cherry Vanilla and Edy's Cherry Chocolate Chip. None of these were right. None had the perfect combination of chocolate shavings, pink ice cream and sugary red maraschino cherries. When someone would ask me what my favorite ice cream was, I had to explain "cherry cordial, only... a specific kind." Because let's face it, when you've had the best, you can't be satisfied with anything else.
My husband and I once took a trip to Sagautak on the West Coast of Michigan. We weren't married then, but it was a nice trip and while there, got ice cream at a local store. That cherry cordial ice cream was the closest I had gotten to my Homemade brand in years... and since it was homemade at the store, was incredibly good. However, I only got the luxury of having this ice cream twice in 5 years.
So, I'm back in the grocery store, going for the cheap brand of vanilla ice cream and I see it... My heart stops. I purchase both ice creams and rush home to tell my husband, and my family, the amazing news, because they all know how much I love this specific brand of cherry cordial ice cream.
After getting excited and telling Dan my story, I grab a spoon and take a taste of my heavenly ice cream... and it was, heavenly.

I'm not saying that any of the other brands mentioned do not have good ice cream. This is specifically about the cherry cordial... and of course none of those brands call theirs "cherry cordial." But the happiness of finding an ice cream that I can't even remember the last time I ate, was quite a wonderful feeling.
As so ends my obsession with finding my Homemade brand cherry cordial ice cream.

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