Michael Symon's B Spot

Dan and I went to the B Spot in Woodmere, OH yesterday to celebrate my new job. This is the newest restaurant opened by Iron Chef Michael Symon.

The B Spot serves Burgers and Brats, hence the B. Dan ordered a bacon cheddar burger and I ordered the Lola burger. The Lola burger has bacon, cheddar cheese, a fried egg and pickled onions on it. It was a great combination of flavors and I think I want to try pickled onions on my future burgers! We got a side of onions rings and a side of Lola fries with sea salt and rosemary. Everything was cooked perfectly and the ingredients were top quality; Two things we knew we were getting before we walked in the door. We also ordered two shakes. Dan got the chocolate banana marshmallow shake and I got the Vanilla Bean Apple pie Bacon shake. Dan's shake didn't have much banana flavor but it was a great tasty shake and it was fun to suck up the marshmallows through the BIG straw. My milkshake initially tasted like a vanilla shake and then you could taste the hints of cinnamon and apple. You really only tasted the bacon when you crunched down on a bit, but it just added a salty slightly smokey flavor. I had a hard time finishing my shake because the bacon bits added a texture to the shake that I was having a hard time enjoying after a while. It was not because it was bacon, it was definitely a texture thing.

Overall, Dan and I ate delicious food, however, we're not so sure we'll be back. Besides the fact that it's almost 45 minutes away from us and we had to wait 40 minutes for a table at 7 pm on a Wednesday, the food itself was on par with our still favorite Tremont Taphouse and well, you don't have to pay extra to get great sides with your burger at the taphouse.

Dan and I still intend to eat at Lolita and Bar Symon and someday, we might make it back to Lola, because his food is incredibly delicious and unique and I definitely recommend trying the B Spot at least once in your life, because it is worth it and Dan and I have no regrets going!

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