The Green Well

The first restaurant that Dan and I tried here in Grand Rapids, was The Green Well. The sign says that it's a gastropub, which made me think it was going to styled more like a British pub. You know, dark woods, mood lighting, pint glasses, etc.

This place was very modern. Lots of light, metal and green. The glass of beer Dan ordered was in a small glass that I would either use for water or scotch on the rocks. He paid a lot of money for not a lot of beer.

We ordered the Calamari to start. It was nice and salty and it had a lemony curry sauce on top of it. It was served with carrots with a cilantro soy sauce. Both sauces were unique and went well with the calamari. It was a very unique style and Dan and I did enjoy the Calamari.

For our main course, we both ordered the Kobe burger with chips. The chips came from a bag and were not homemade. I had not had kobe beef before this experience but I was told it's supposed to be the most tender and juicy meat. I have to say, this burger was on par to eating at a chain restaurant and we paid a couple bucks more. I'm not saying the burger was bad, but it was also not memorable.

He and I may go back to try other things on the menu, and I would definetly get the Calamari again, but overall... I was not impressed.

Note: these blogs are strictly how I feel about the food. I do not plan to get into the service of the restaurant unless it was really poor. For the most part, Dan and I have good service at the restaurants we visit.

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