Halloween Dinner Party

This is a very delayed entry but Dan and I had a halloween dinner party for a few of our friends.
The menu was:
Cauliflower and almond soup.
mixed green salad with salami cups, pomegranate seeds and a tomato olive vinaigrette (I called this Zombie salad).
Mixed sauteed mushrooms
Garlic mashed potatoes and
Italian sausage wrapped in bacon (This was a recipe I found called flesh worms on notmartha.com)
Spider cakes (I found this recipe as well on notmartha.com)

- The Cauliflower soup was good but I think it needed a cheese to give it a little more flavor. It also turned out brown because of the toasted almonds.
- The salad was delicious. Pomegranate seeds are a perfect addition to a salad because they add a sweet pop to each bite. The salami cups were also fun and very easy to make! Just put salami in a muffin tin and cook in the oven at 300 degrees F until the salami is crispy on the top and will hold it's shape.
- The mushrooms weren't anything special but I love mushrooms and now it is easier to find weird looking mushrooms which are really great for a halloween party.
-The sausage was good but the bacon didn't seem to get crispy and I forgot some type of dipping sauce for it... which made it a little dry.
- the spider cakes were made from a box, but I added a little touch. After making the individual cakes, I scooped the middle out and filled it with green colored cream. The cream is made of powdered sugar, shortening and corn syrup, so it's a little oozy. When you cut into your spider, he oozed green filling... It was delicious and disgusting!

Overall the party was a success. We had appetizers as well, but it was mostly store bought or quick recipes considering the other work that needed to be done for dinner. I hope to make my future Halloween dinner parties much more elaborate!

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