Good Burgers

I tried something a little different the other night.

  • Lean ground beef
  • Really fine chopped apple
  • Dijon mustard
  • Cinnamon
  • Steak Seasoning
  • Garlic

Mixed it all up in a bowl and made hamburger patties. Grilled them up.
Made for a pretty juicy burger. The sweetness of the apple contrasted well with the savory beef. Next time I think i'll add a little more cinnamon, it worked well with the apple, but wasn't quite strong enough.

Topped off with some sauteed fungus, red onion, lettuce.

1 comment:

Juliet said...

I really enjoyed these burgers. Not only were they juicy but they had a taste similar to jerk seasoning. The sweet apples against the mustard also made a great and unusual flavor in your mouth.