Vomit Beer

We went to our favorite restaurant on Saturday for lunch. Juliet asked to try the Dogfishhead Festina Peche beer. The idea sounds good, a Berliner Weisse, but it uses peaches instead of apples for the sugar.

Juliet took one sip, looked up and said "I think this tastes like vomit."

Now up till that moment I had had only one beer that actually tasted like puke, and that was Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. To be honest though, it didn't taste like vomit per-say, it just left a taste in your mouth that was reminiscent of barf.

She slid the glass across the table for my inspection. The color was normal enough for a Weisse, light goldish, slightly opaque. I lifted the small glass to my nose.

My friends, they make a vomit flavored beer. It smells and tastes very much like puke...disturbingly so...

I imagine the acid from the
fermented peaches with the wheat mimic stomach acid well.

At least I hope that is all that goes into that beer...

Not Recommended

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