Our move

Obviously, Dan and I had forsaken our blog for a few months. In that time, we got married, we both became a year older, Dan got a new job and we moved to another state! Oh and of course we celebrated our favorite holiday, Halloween. I will have to have another delayed entry on the halloween dinner party we had.

Now that I am working from home every day, I think I will try to post more often. We are settling in in Grand Rapids Michigan and even though we will miss our favorite restaurants in Cleveland (especially the burgers at the Tremont Taphouse), we're looking forward to trying new restaurants and new food stores.

I recently went to Kingman's Market. It's kind of a butcher shop/fresh market/specialty store. They have a lot of organic, imported and homemade foods. I bought some cheese, meats, olives, and whole wheat pasta. I am eating the garlic bologna right now and it is heavenly! This grocery store has a lot of unique items that might not be so easy to find in other stores, as well as a whole wall of homemade candies and dried fruits. I am looking forward to spending a lot more money there.

I discovered in that store how crazy I am for food! I love good food. Meat, cheese, bread, produce... you name it, I love it... or will at least eat it. Except jell-o!! Give me a good greasy burger or a fresh mixed salad, either way, I'm happy. So, I really feel like I need to continue with this blog to Incorporate my love of writing with my love of food.

And so begins the next chapter in our lives....

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